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Courtesy Accommodations for Health-Related Conditions

The Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Admissions will provide upon written request, courtesy accommodations for health-related conditions if the accommodation can be made in a standard testing room and without deviation from the standard testing schedule. Courtesy accommodations may be requested when –

Requests submitted after the filing deadline for a health-related condition or injury that was unknown at the time of the filing deadline will also be considered but could be denied.


Examples of Courtesy Accommodations

SEATING ASSIGNMENT: For medical or health-related conditions that require seating near a rest room, at the end of a row, with ease of access to seat or row, or sufficient space to accommodate a wheelchair, scooter, crutches or other orthopedic device.

MEDICAL DEVICE: For medical or health-related conditions that require access to one or more devices during the exam such as diabetic support devices (insulin pump, glucose monitor, etc.), assistive devices such as diabetic supplies, hearing aids, orthopedic lumbar supports, crutches, post-surgical boots or braces.

LACTATION ACCOMMODATION: Courtesy accommodations for women who are lactating are available upon request. A request for lactation accommodations must include documented medical evidence from your child’s pediatrician or your obstetrician verifying your child’s reliance on breast milk and the child’s date of birth. List all accommodations you believe will be necessary on the day of the exam. Do not assume a particular accommodation will be granted if not listed in your request; be specific.

Accommodations may typically include:

*Most venues are not equipped with private lactation rooms or if provided, the lactation room is a considerable distance from the designated testing room. Therefore, in an effort to provide a private space located more conveniently to the test room, the lactation area may be temporary in design and structure.

For further guidance regarding additional needs, please contact the Office of Attorney Admissions at or 303-928-7770.