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Information for Unsuccessful Colorado Bar Examinees

Bar Results Notices

The "Notice of Colorado Bar Exam Results” shows your MBE scaled score, written scaled score (Essay/PT combined) and your total Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) score. Click HERE for information on the grading and scoring process.

Bar Result Notices are available in your CiviCore application for only 45 days. To view your bar result notice, log in to your application account and go to your Candidate Home Page. Scroll down until you see the button stating, "Click here to print your recent exam result letter." Bar result notices will not be mailed to you.

If you wish to receive a copy of your notice after 45 days from the original Bar Result Notice being issued, you must submit a Document Request through our website HERE.

Inspection of Essay Answers

Copies of exam answers are available only to unsuccessful candidates. Please allow approximately 10 business days from the date your results notice was posted to CiviCore to view these materials. You will receive a notice in your application portal when these documents become available. Graders notes are not available at any time.

Copies of your answers will be available from your Candidate Home Page. Select the button “Click here to download your recent exam answer packet.” Two sets of documents will be uploaded to your account: (1) AM answers and (2) PM answers. Copies of Multistate Essay and Performance Test questions and analyses are available directly from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Please visit the NCBE Study Aids store at for information regarding dates of availability and associated costs.

Please download and save your answers as they will be available from your application for only 60 days. Review the materials immediately to ensure that all of your answers have been uploaded. Missing pages should be reported by sending a message using the Messaging Center. Allow approximately 10 business days for a response.

If you are unable to view these documents, send a message using the Messaging Center notifying the Office of Attorney Admissions prior to the 60 day expiration date. Please refer to your notice for the expiration date. Following the 60-day expiration date, your answer files will be permanently purged from our records.

NOTE: You will also see a function to "Reapply" on your Candidate Home Page. If you begin the reapplication process before downloading your exam materials, the function to view and download your exam materials will move to the "Application Archive" section. The Application Archive tab is located at the top of your Candidate Home Page. Select the button titled "Download Answer Packet" for the most recent Exam application listed in your account.

Reapplication Instructions

Unsuccessful applicants are assessed the current full exam fee. Reduced fees apply only to applicants who timely withdrew from the previous exam. You may reapply by logging in to your CiviCore application account and clicking the “Click Here to Reapply” button located on the left-hand side of your Candidate Home page. Please review your Results Notice for the filing deadline for the next bar exam – the date listed on your Results Notice is unique for exam reapplicants submitting for the next scheduled exam.

Once you have logged into your CiviCore account, you will be prompted to review all information previously submitted. Make sure to edit your application if there are any changes from the previous application. Take your time reviewing your answers. Provide a present residence and review/update your employment.

In order to submit your reapplication the following documents must be newly executed and uploaded to your account:

Bar exam applicants are required to provide a recent photo. Photos must have been taken within a year. A new photo will need to be uploaded if outside this timeframe or if your appearance has changed. Additional instructions are contained within the CiviCore application.

Once these newly executed documents have been uploaded to your application to sit for the next scheduled exam, the “submit” button should appear for you to timely submit and pay the application filing fee. Do not delay in your reapplication for the next exam; the application submission deadline cannot be extended.

Your reapplication will be considered submitted upon payment and you will receive confirmation of submission via email.

After you have submitted your reapplication for the exam you will need to:

If you have forgotten your password, you must have access to the email account you have on file with OAA in order for you to retrieve/reset a password. OAA staff does not have access to passwords, nor provide information over the phone to applicants. If you are unable to access your CiviCore account, please contact us at

Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Score Transfer

Colorado UBE scores may be transferred to another UBE jurisdiction by submitting a UBE score transfer request to the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). UBE score transfers may be requested on-line using the NCBE score services. Go to for instructions and other details.

MBE Score Transfer

Colorado MBE scores may be transferred to another jurisdiction by submitting an MBE score transfer request to the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). MBE score transfers may be requested online using the NCBE MBE Score Transfer services. Go to for information regarding instructions, fees, and other details.

Other Resources

CAMP: Many resources are available to you through the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program. Please visit for more information on steps to finding success on your next exam attempt and obtaining a mentor or coach to support you through the process.

COLAP: The Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program, a free and confidential resource, is available to help you process the news, explore your options, and get back on track for the next bar exam. Contact COLAP at 303-986-3345 and/or visit their website at: