Colorado Supreme Court

Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

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Colorado Lawyers Assistance Program

COLAP is a free, confidential, and independent program for the legal community of Colorado. Our mission is to promote well-being, resiliency and competency by assisting Colorado judges, lawyers, and law students with personal and professional issues that compromise their practice, efficacy, and quality of life. COLAP protects the interests of clients, litigants and the general public by educating the bench, bar and law schools about well-being and impairment issues, and by providing confidential assistance to the legal community.

Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program

AMP is a program of the Colorado Supreme Court designed to provide mentors, peer support, and professional development resources to new and transitioning lawyers throughout the state.

CAMP promotes professional pride and identity in the legal profession; promotes the pursuit of excellence in service to clients; and promotes strong relationships between the bar, courts, clients, law schools and the public, through the teaching of the core values and ideals of the legal profession.

Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers

Colorado Lawyers Helping Lawyers, Inc. (CLHL) is a court-approved, peer assistance program that offers support, education and referrals for those entering or already in the legal profession. CLHL offers support for those who are experiencing issues with alcohol, substance abuse, mental health or related lawyer wellbeing issues. The emphasis is on recovery and relapse prevention.