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Notices about Business and Operational Changes and Potential Interruptions

Currently the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel is open. The Office is anticipating the possibility of business interruptions, which could include disruption of mail service and temporary delays in Office operations. If you can complete your current business with the Office electronically, including payment of registration fees, please do so. The Office will update this page if there are any changes to its status or business operations.

Notice for CLE Sponsors:


Applications (Form 1, Form 1A, Form 2, Form 2A, Form 4, and Form 4A) must now be emailed to for processing. Please include the application and all required attachments as 1 pdf file attachment (no course materials need to be submitted with application). We are currently only accepting payment by credit card, and upon receipt of the application by email, the Office will contact Sponsor by phone for payment at the phone number listed on Application form. Upon final review, the Office will notify Sponsor by email of accreditation decision.

How to notify CLE office about Cancelled Programs:

Please email to notify the office of a course cancellation. We are not issuing refunds for cancelled programs at this time.

How to notify CLE office about Postponed Programs:

Please email to notify the office of the new date or if course is postponed to an undetermined future date and list the date as TBD. We will update our record with the revised date or list as TBD. Once the TBD course is rescheduled please notify our office by email. There is no fee for these changes. We will change the course date accordingly and provide an updated accreditation form by email.

How to request a change to Program format (Live in person to live webinar/ pre-recorded):

Please email to notify the office of the need to change the format of program from in person to live webinar or pre-recorded home study. We will not require a new application or fee. We will change the course accordingly and provide updated accreditation form by email.

Notice for Attorneys:

Request to be Sworn-In Remotely Instead of Coming Into Our Office - NEW, TEMPORARY MANDATORY PROCEDURE:

You may complete the admission process by email if you have received your clearance letter from the Office of Attorney Admissions. Please email a copy of the clearance letter approving your admission, a copy of your government-issued picture ID, the completed New Attorney Registration form and the Questionnaire (NOTE: the questionnaire is only required if your clearance letter was issued more than 90 days prior to your email requesting remote swear-in). All required paperwork must be emailed to

Once the forms are received by the office, we will process the information and contact you by phone to collect the $40 fee. Once the fee is processed, we will administer the oath of admission by phone (special permission was granted on a limited basis by the Colorado Supreme Court to allow for telephonic swear-in). Lastly, the office will email a copy of the oath of admission for you to sign electronically and return by email to The original signed oath will also need to be mailed to the office for official record purposes. The office will not issue you a registration number or activate your license until the signed oath is received electronically.

Request Electronic Certificate of Good Standing - NEW, TEMPORARY MANDATORY PROCEDURE:

Email Requests will now be accepted by an email sent to The email request must include attorney’s name and registration number, and the email submission must come from the business email or firm’s email on file for the attorney who is the subject of the Certificate. The Certificate will be sent back to the business email on file in electronic version. If the attorney needs an original, paper Certificate as well, there may be a delay in issuing those. Please contact the office for further information on requesting original, paper certificate.


Email requests are the only acceptable method of requesting a change in attorney status at this time. Please submit the form linked here to The office will contact the Attorney by phone for payment once the form is received and reviewed.


Email requests are the only acceptable method of requesting an address change at this time. Please submit form linked here to

Submit Electronic Pro Hac Vice Application- NEW, TEMPORARY MANDATORY PROCEDURE:

Applications for Pro Hac Vice limited admission must now be emailed to for processing. Please include the application and all required attachments as 1 pdf file attachment. We are currently only accepting payment by credit card, and upon sending the application by email, please call the office at 303-928-7800 to pay $300 fee by phone using credit card.

Notice for Admissions Applicants:

Notice for July 2020 Bar Exam Admissions Applicants – as of 3/27/2020:

July 2020 Bar Exam Applicants: We are still planning to hold the July 2020 bar exam, and therefore, the April 1 application submission deadline for the July 2020 bar exam is still in effect. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, and any changes will be announced here. Please note - you do NOT need third-party documentation to complete your application for submission, as certain documents may be sent to our Office or uploaded through your applicant portal after your application has been submitted to us.

You must complete all the questions in the application and upload the following documents in order to pay and SUBMIT your application:
Documents Required for Submission

  1. Fingerprint Requirement (Information) Form
  2. Authorization and Release (notarization requirement waived)
  3. Statement of Verification (notarization requirement waived)
  4. The related Application Question Form(s) associated with a “Yes” answer to Character and Fitness Questions 22 - 42. You do NOT need the supporting documentation for any question you answered “Yes” to on the application. In order to submit your application – you just need the related Question Form YOU fill-out supplying information about the issue in question – to which you answered “Yes”. For example, if you answered “Yes” to Question 35 that you received a Driving Under the Influence charge – you would fill-out the Form for Question 35 explaining the circumstances. The related documentation (police report, probation report, etc.) need not be provided at the time of submission of your application. All other documents that may be required by our Office can be submitted at a later date, though you will not be Cleared for Admission until your application is complete.
  5. Photo (Exam Applicants ONLY)


Please continue to check back here for updated information about the July 2020 Exam as the situation evolves.

Documents Requiring Notarization – NEW, TEMPORARY PROCEDURE:

Notary Requirement – WAIVED. The notary requirement for the Authorization and Release, and Statement of Verification forms does not need to be notarized at this time. Please complete the Authorization and Release and Statement of Verification, including your signature and the day, month and year fields that the notary would normally complete (ex: On this _____ day of ______________, in the year of ________) – and leave the notary section blank. Then scan and upload the documents to your online application so you can submit your application. If a notarized release is later required by a third-party from whom we are requesting information, we will work with you at that time to get a new release.

Documents Required from Third-Parties in Support of your Application:

Our Office is cognizant that requesting third-party documentation may take longer to obtain. Once you have submitted your application – OR – if you have a current application on file, we will be assessing each application to determine if we may waive any of the document requirements for your application - such as a driving record. There are some requirements we cannot waive. Therefore, IF there is an issue obtaining documentation from a third-party, please contact your licensure analyst through the Messaging Center in your applicant portal. We will be addressing the issues on a case-by-case basis.

In my application portal in CiviCore it says I’m missing documents, what do I do?

The CiviCore application system automatically creates placeholders for documents that are assumed may be required based on your answer to a question. Please do not be alarmed if the system says you are missing multiple documents. As long as you have completed and uploaded the required documents so that you may pay and submit your application, a licensure analyst will review your application and follow-up with you about any additional documents our office may require for the character and fitness process.